WIKI leaks revelations on Telangana issue have created a flutter

| September 11, 2011 | 0 Comments
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The revelations of Wiki leaks cable on the Telangana issue have created a flutter in the Telangana region and it has given scope for  a detailed discussion on the Seemandhra Leaders and Seemandhra Media on Thursday.

JACs representing student community, advocates and other groups came down heavily on the  purported support of Speaker Nadendla Manohar to the Anti-Telangana groups. They say the Speaker in the capacity of Deputy Speaker hitherto has no role to play with the Telangana issue. The Deputy Speaker of the last year movement has got no  role to play with the entire issue and he could not have sent discussed the matter with the US Consulate which has got no links with a separate state or region in the Indian Country. The man has in a way submitted the sovereignty of the country at the foot steps of the Consulate for his vested interests and it is unpardonable, they say. The student community came down more heavily on the leader of Seemandhra region for his unwarranted remarks on the Dalit students of the Telangana region in his purported report submitted to the Consulate.

The students and Advocates further  lambasted at the Seemandhra Media for down playing the Telangana movement at a crucial time. They pointed out the wide coverage of Narayan Datt Tiwari issue on the ABN channel at the crucial period of the movement and sought that the media be boycotted by the people of Telangana. The Seemandhra repressive tactics were thoroughly exposed in the Wiki leaks cable  and they were seriously opposed by the students. The student union leaders of TRSV have went on to say that the people of Telangana would take a serious decision of attacking  the Seemandhra Media on their protest day in October.

source from Hyderabad Daily News

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