Andhra Telangana Pre-History

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Prior to Andhra Pradesh, we all under Nizam Rule. Before that we were a part
of Kakatiya’s Rule. As per British and Nizam’s army agreements, Nizam govt. has
handed over Coastal region in 1778, Rayalaseema region in 1798 to British govt.
for its army help.Since then Andhra and Rayalaseema were the parts of Madras province.
15th Aug, 1947 India got Independence.
17th Sept, 1948 Telangana (Hyderabad State) freed from Nizam,
integrated into India.
1778 onwards Andhra and Rayalaseema people in Madras Province
are treated as secondary citizens and are affronted in many ways. So, in the year
1921 Congress core committee decided for separate Andhra state.
1953 Separate Andhra state has formed having Kurnool
as capital city. (SriBagh pact for Andhra & Rayalaseema people). From 1953 to
31st October 1956 – it is as Andhra State.
1953 to 31st Oct, 1956 Andhra State is a separate state.
17th Sept, 1948 to 31st Oct, 1956 Telangana region was a separate state as Hyderabad
1st Nov, 1956 Andhra & Telangana mingled to form Andhra
Pradesh State (as per Linguistic regions)
19th July 1956 Andhra & Telangana Gentlemen’s agreement.
1956 to 1958 Breach of Gentlemen’s agreement, injustice, criticism.
1969 Aggressive Telangana Agitation took place.
Around 400 people were killed in agitations for
a separate state of Telangana.
1985 G.O. No. 610 release.
1996 – till date Different public communities, societies, students,
employees, poets, actors carried separate Telangana Agitation.
2001 Telangana Rashtra Samithi political party has
emerged; Political fight for separate Telangana state began.

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