Real facts about Telangana State Part-5

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  1. Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme, was to irrigate 87500 acres in Mahabubnagar. The Bachawat Tribunal also allocated 15.90 TMC ft. of water for this project. This water has to pass through a canal in Raichur district of Karnataka State. After the formation of Andhra Pradesh landlords of Rayalaseema blasted the gates with bombs and diverted water to their land. Since then Govt never even tried to reconstruct the gates.
  2. Devadula Project, provides water for 5 lakh acres, was promised to be finished in 5 yrs in 2001, yet to begin work. The funniest fact is, Sriram sagar is yet to be completed for last 40 yrs which provides water for just 4 lakh acres. Telangana people are supposed to believe the promise.
  3. Two major projects proposed on river Godavari are Ichampally and Polavaram. Ichampally is meant for Telangana and Polavaram for Andhra. The irrigation potential of Polavaram Project would be 6 to 7 times more than the irrigation potential of Ichampally. Ichampally is going to be primarily a power project not a irrigation project !
  4. Andhra lands are irrigated by canal irrigation i.e. with tax payer’s money. Andhra farmer pays Rs 200 – 300 per annum as water charges. Telangana lands are irrigated by bore wells, entire cost is on the farmer . Digging, power, bore well, motor, pipes. He struggles with fluctuations in power supplies with irregularities and pathetic power distribution pattern in Telangana.
  5. Technological University was actually started in Warangal but was shifted to Hyderabad, Open University was originally Nalgonda district but was later shifted Hyd. The same state level universities University of Health Sciences, Mahila University and the University of Dravidian Languages were allowed to stay in Seemandhra – not moved to Capital city.
  6. Twelve milk chilling plants established by the erstwhile Telangana Regional Committee in different parts of Telangana have been abruptly closed down showing lack of funds as a reason.
  7. Ramagundam is in heart of coal belt . Fertilizer plant is closed showing a

    reason as poor quality of coal. NTPC is running with same coal, VTPS is

    running with same coal. Subsequently, Fertilizer plants are started in Nellore

    and Andhra

  8. Based on the proportionality at least 40% of jobs, i.e. 6 lakhs, should have gone to Telangana. But the total number of jobs now occupied by them is less than 3 lakhs.
  9. 1972, PV Narasimha Rao made an attempt to implement the verdict of Supreme Court validating the Mulki Rules. The verdict was in favor of Telangana. Seemandhra gave outrageous reaction, he lost his Chief Ministership.
  10. If it is assumed that the leaders of a region becoming chief ministers can contribute to the development of that region, then why do the people of Rayalaseema complain of backwardness ?
  11. Daily wage workers working in industries – from Andhra (9 districts) 3.16 lakhs, from Rayalaseema (4 districts)– 0.7 lakhs, Telangana (10 district) 0.81 lakhs.
  12. Andhra controlled media never highlighted migration of 15 lakh people out of 24lakh population from Mahabubnagar due to draught conditions. T. Anjaiah CM of AP from Telangana region was presented as a buffoon in dailies and cartoons.
  13. At the time of merger Andhra leaders persuaded Telangana leaders by offering many safeguards against exploitation. They also passed a Unanimous Resolution’ in November 1955 in Andhra Assembly in support of safeguards and subsequently they put these safeguards in an Agreement on 20th February. 1956 which is known as “Gentlemen’s Agreement”. All are trashed soon after the agreement is signed.
  14. Proportional representation says Telangana should get 42% jobs in the Secretariat, but only 9% are working now. How can a people representative, MLA, MLC can get a work done if 91% do not help ?
  15. Metro Rail project is being designed dilapidating 5000 shops, 2500 houses, 147 schools, 120 hospitals, 60 Temples/Masjid/Churches. Historical monuments will disappear. All shops and complexes throughout Metro rail route are with Seemandhra thugs.
  16. 1947 India got Independence. 1948 Indian Army did police action to dethrone Nizam. Hyd state existed from 1949 to 1956. Telangana merged with Andhra against its wishes in1956. Telangana has nothing to do with Potti Sriramulu.
  17. Telangana Sayudha Poratam, (Telangana armed struggle) was against Nizam facist rule, 4000 people died – inspired all subsequent land movements in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura and paved way for formation of Communist governments in those States. This is never acknowledged by Seemandhra rulers so far.
  18. Despite 69% Krishna, 79% Godavari flows through Telangana, irrigation cost is Rs.1500/acre. 13% of Krishna, 21% Godavari flows through Andhra irrigation cost is Rs.150/acre.
  19. Per capita income of Madhya Pradesh: Rs 18,051. Chattisgarh formed in 2000. Per capita income of Chhattisgarh in 2008-09 – Rs. 29,621. Recently formed smaller states are catching up with Haryana is 71%, Himachal is 81% and Uttarakhand is 75% – now Jharkhand 58%, Chhattisgarh 63%. Also, Infant mortality UP 67%, Uttarakhand 44%.
  20. Yr 2008 Targeted growth rate & achieved: bigger states: MP 7% – 4.3%; UP 7.6% – 4.6%; Bihar 6.2% 4.7% smaller states: Chhattisgarh 6.1% – 9.2%; Jharkhand 6.9% – 11.1% Uttaranchal 6.8% – 8.8%

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