PAN Card Application, Apply & Track PAN Card Status India, PAN Card Application, Apply & Track PAN Card Status India

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PAN Card Application, Apply & Track PAN Card Status India

PAN Card Rates Revised now @ Rs.94/- only (Rs.944/- for NRI, card dispatch outside India)
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PAN Card Tracking:

You require the following details:

1. Appropriate type of PAN card application: Grievance Applications (the CSF) or the New Applications (the F49a) 2.Your Application Number
3.Your coupon number
4.Name of the applicant 5.If available, the PAN Number

Click here for tracking your PAN card.

Apply for your PAN Card:

The apply PAN card form should be opted for only when the applicant has never made any such application before, and does not already have a PAN card. To confirm if there is PAN card allotted or not, one may visit the UTIITSL website.

Click here: Apply For New PAN Card

Your status PAN card:

The PAN Card application status can be known for a new or reprinted PAN card or a corrected PAN Card application using the fifteen-digit, exclusive number of acknowledgment three days subsequent to the application.

Verification of the PAN card:

PAN Card Bulk (online) Verification applications are available for:

Organizations falling into the categories stated by ITD, including:

1. Credit card institutions and companies 2.Financial Institutions 3.Any Government Agency 4.Individuals and other entities who sign Annual Information Return

A CBDT via the UTITSL approval is required. For this one needs to submit, in the UTIITSL specified format, an indent form.

Check the PAN Bulk Verification for more.

General Information for Application of PAN card

1. Application for a PAN card should be made on the UTIITSL given form or the form given by the Service Center of IT PAN, or the website:

2. Also Rs.94/- worth processing coupon, from any IT PAN Service Center must be affixed to the form.

3. If one already has a PAN number allotted, re-application cannot be made, since having two PAN numbers is illegal. However, in this regard applications for a new PAN card with better features can be made, making the payment for Rs.94/-, at the specified centers. 4. According to the form 49A, column 15, and certain documents are required to be submitted with the PAN application form.

Status Inquiry for the PAN card:

This feature can be enjoyed only by those who have made Credit card-paid online PAN card application. Here one can:

1. Know the application status, by simply quoting the twelve digit number of the transaction as obtained during the application.

2. Alter the payment mode in case the credit card payment was not accepted. One can, for instance use demand draft or cheque etc.

3. Redevelop and get the acknowledgment receipt printed again in less than thirty days within the submission of the application form.
Correction and Changes in the details of the PAN Card:

This must be done only after the individual has decided the PAN card. It is done when any data relevant to the PAN card, such as applicant’s name, father’s name, change in birth date, alteration of the address, etc need to be made, and updated in the ITD records. Though this does not result in the change in the PAN number, the relevant information is updated, and a new PAN card is issued.

Here, while form filling the appropriate check box (seen on the left margin) is to be selected. For instance, if the box 7 is checked, which is for communication address, the address would be changed itself, by default, and updated in ITD records.

It is important to note that while using PAN card India any ITD change in regards to the information given to ITD, must be notified to them by way of this form.


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