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What is Lokpal Bill India

| August 23, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Lokpal will be a three-member body with a chairperson who is or was a chief justice or Supreme Court judge, and two members who are or have been high courts judges or chief justices.

Implementation of the Lokpal bill will hopefully reduce corruption in India.

The basic idea of the Lokpal is borrowed from the office of the ombudsman in other countries.

It provides for filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister , other ministers and members of parliament with the ombudsman.

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Anyone, except for a public servant , can file a complaint and the Lokpal has to complete the inquiry within six months.

Advantage of Lokpal Bill

  1. Major advantage of this bill is all about solving the No.1 problem of India is CORRUPTION.
  2. Who will be the decision makers this time, nonpoliticians, non-bureaucrats, not a police officer.
  3. This bill is proposed to the government again and again in last 50 years so this holds the believe of generations and we all think this can change the system.
  4. The decision will be faster than what we have right now, the proposed decision will be 1 year and punishment will be executed in 2 years.
  5. People will not have to go through the grueling system to complain the crime.

Major Disadvantages of Lokpal Bill

This is not a mature bill, still lot many open issues, I will write them all here before I write about the possible fix for it. I could be an ignorant about the complete bill but I tried to read it from various places and I didn’t notice anyone describing these issues.

  1. Huge burden on government to run this, it needs huge money to manage the head counts.
  2. I don’t understand why it needs 1 year for decision and another 1 year for the punishment.
  3. How someone can guarantee there will be “No minister or bureaucrat influence on their investigations.”
  4. How can it be assured that Lokpal members are not corrupted? Don’t we have corrupted “judges, citizens and constitutional authorities”, who says only the politicians are corrupted?

I believe we are responsible for the corrupted system and we should be the one to fix it, government will have to support us as we support the government. Here are my thoughts.

  • How can we reduce the monetary burden on government and solve the problem? We don’t need to hire the 100% decision makers, we can hire only administrative people to manage the system and the decision makers will be the regular citizens. We all solve some issues on daily basis and we don’t need to be qualified to solve them. There are more than 70% issues in India that don’t need be investigated at all. Lets say I applied for a passport renewal and the department lost it, there are 3-4 people responsible for handling the passport and everyone should be punished equally. Let them all pay Rs 10,000 each and find out who the real culprit internally. This way I get some compensation for losing the passport and the office work as a group rather than an individual. It is a common problem in India that the staffs think them to be individual than a group and they make you run from one to other for a small task. To make these kind of simple decisions we don’t need fulltime and highly qualified people. Who will be member for this case will be auto selected and everyone will be paid something to show up at the decided place. People who are not going to show up will end up in paying huge amount so that it becomes everyone’s responsibility to participate, there can be some excuses for emergency reasons.
  • We don’t need 1 year to solve a case now, major part of the complains can be solved in 3 months and punished in 2-6 months if we make everyone to come and participate. Now the government will have at least 60 billion staff to handle the cases.
  • People participating in the cases will be informed at the site on the details so there is no upfront information available or relation build before the D day. There can’t be any influence as no one gets time, influence will come in when we give time to the case and people on the case are known.
  • How can a Lokpal member be corrupted now? Person doesn’t know anything, goes to solve a problem and takes a decision on the spot.
  • For the case that needs to be investigated properly needs some fulltime employees as the decision makers. Give an opportunity to people above the age of 50 to retire from their regular job and join the department. They have 50 years of track record to prove if they are uncorrupted or not, this head count can be 50%. Other 50% can be fresh candidates from various ages.
  • Every case should involve audience, if a person is not satisfied with the decision then he can take an audience poll for reapply. If audience support him to file again then he is not charged to re-file else he is going to pay good amount for reconsideration. Failing 3 times will lock him to the punishment and can’t apply for reconsideration to any of his cases for next 5 years.

There can be many things added to this bill to make it incorruptible. If we are just trying to shift from one corrupt system to another then there is no point in passing this. Making this bill a best one is the job of the government and we all have to participate and make it work from approval to execution. Do you agree with me, let me know here, I am open to any kind debate.

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