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The entire city is said to have been carved of a single stone giving it its original name of Orugallu. ‘Oru’ means one and ‘Kallu’ means stone. The city was also called Ekasila nagaram.

Warangal was the capital of the Hindu Shaivite Kakatiya dynasty from the 12th to the 14th centuries.Warangal Fort is one of the architectural wonders of the bygone era. History of the fort dates back all the way to 13th century The fort Warangal is built with Geometric intricacies during the reign of Ganapathi Deva, in 1199 AD and was completed by his daughter Rani Rudramadevi in 1261 AD. The Warangal Fort displays a rare and exquisite Thorean Architectural style. There are Thoranan Arches and the pillars are spread across an area of about 19 kilometers between Hanamkonda and Warangal. Although most of the fort is in ruins today, but still Warangal fort is among the best attractions in Andhra Pradesh. The place is full of riches and resources from the past.

This fort has stood witness to many wars and revolts almost throughout its life as well the history associated with it. The remarkable feature about the main gateway comprises of the four gigantic pillars, which have been crafted out of a single rock. Warangal Fort, having three protective layers, suggests the standards of security that used to be employed to guard the inner precincts and center of power.

The fort has 45 towers and pillars spread over a radius of 19 km, and a temple of Mother Earth called ‘Swayambhudevi Alayam’ in the middle. The famous ‘Ekasshila’, a beautifully carved gateway located within the fort, symbolises the Kakatiya empire Warangal Fort was destroyed by one of the invaders who successfully penetrated the three layer protection of the fort. The outermost wall which has a circumference of few kilometers is a mud wall which is around 20 feet in height. The second wall is completely built of granite. Warangal Fort is also famous for some exquisite gateways that have become a symbol of Andhra Pradesh Tourism. This huge Sanchi type gateways at the entrance are fine specimens of South India style architecture. These huge gateways, carved intricately from top to bottom are called Kirti Toranas (The Gateways of Glory). It is 56 feet in height and 72 ft wide.

The wreckage comprises of intricate sculpturea, stone works, motifs and designs – depicting animals like lions and swans. The four large elaborately carved gateways, which can be still seen were the creation of the then architects, which they called as “Kirti Toranas”. The temples, sculptures, and pillars inside the fort spread over a radius of 19 kms between Hanamkonda and Warangal. The impregnable fort was popularly known as the seat of power. The largest of the temple that is in the center of the court was presumably under the construction and has been excavated .The fort premises are the ruins of temples that were demolished by the early Qutub Shahi rulers.

A legendary masterpiece known as Khush Mahal architectural splendor. Shittabh Khan constructed the Khush Mahal which was constructed in the year 1504-1514. located near by Warangal fort.

It has many possessions that are worth-seeing. In short and snappy terms, visit the fort and explore this standing testimony of its glorious past. The place is filled with the treasures from the past, one only has to keep an open eye to hit the jackpot.

Situated just 2 Km from the Warangal Railway Station, the fort is easily accessible from any part of the city.

Warangal is to the north east of Hyderabad, 150 kilometers from it. The two cities are linked by road and rail. Warangal Fort is in southern Warangal.

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